Practice makes perfect decoration

Chocolate attempts

I’ve got news for you! I’ve been editing pics today (and btw happy belated Easter holidays to everyone!) which means I have some material to post and this is quite promising since I have been falling way behind with the blog. In my defense, I have been diligently going to the confectionary and been practicing a lot.

There is sooooo much to practice – not to mention my terrible procrastination about reading my textbooks and the chapters about doughs and batters. However, Miss Pastry Chef told us that by the end of our course we’d be able to look at a list of ingredients and immediately know what it would all look like. Yeah right! I wish…

My pastry chef colleagues have been awesome to me. I love waking up at the crack of dawn…at least when it is bright and sunny out there…and go even for just a couple hours before work to dip some cakes in chocolate or sprinkle cheese on tasty scones. Well, Co-Chef has been acting as a real teacher and has been challenging me ever since I started “working” there. He’s been pop quizzing me every single time and I’d score fair enough but I REALLY NEED to start reading the books…

Besides the theoretical stuff he’s been giving me the most exciting tasks – and by exciting I mean REALLY exciting…though I do have to admit that right now for me probably EVERYTHING is exciting that is new and connected to baking.

Cake decorating is one of these challenges. In kindergarten I had always been told that I was good at crafts and drew pretty pictures. I guess, that’s what everyone is told, right? Cause all my belief that I’m good at this is slowly dissolving…as I am struggling to roll, fold and bend marzipan or draw with chocolate. I mean drawing a single line has become a difficulty.

First attempts at marzipan roses

Co-Chef showed me how the mouse and the rabbit are the easiest and after some marzipan roses I even attempted a daffodil. No one in the shop recognized it…even though I am pretty happy about how it turned out.Sacher cake

The chocolate is a tricky thing cause it is burning your hands off while you try to use the tiny little paper cone and draw pretty letters or romantic shapes. BUT, this just doesn’t stop me from wanting to practice more and experimenting on my new colleagues to see how they react on my chocolate bikes. Considering that the cake was transported on my bike to work it still turned out quite edible…

Chocolate attempts

And till the day I become the new Ron Ben-Israel, I’ll keep practicing…

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