Rapid Cheese Sticks

So, here I am with another traditional guest treat or hostess gift snack for you. Once upon a time my Mom got this supersimple recipe from a colleague or a family member. Then it just got stuck with us – especially with me. I always have some dough in the freezer so I can prepare beer snacks for guests or a lastminute takeaway snack for a dinnerparty in just a couple of minutes.

What you need is:

500 grams flour

1 pack dry yeast

250 grams margarine

200 ml sour cream

250 grams curd cheese/cottage cheese

salt – be generous with it!

Mix the ingredients and then knead the dough. If it needs more flour, go ahead and add some little more.

If the dough is ready, you can do two things. You either roll out, cut and bake OR (and this is what I’d recommend in case you have time) put the dough in the fridge to rest for a half  to one-hour-session and then roll it out. I usually roll it out and fold it several times over and over because this way it will have a puff pastry characteristic. You want to roll it out flat – keep in mind how it will rise while in the oven. Then just take either a big sharp knife and cut it into small rectangulars or use cookie cutters.  

Above mentioned portions will give you a LOT OF cheesesticks, so that is also why I usually put half of it in the freezer.

With a brush I apply eggs mixed with paprika cause it gives the sticks a beautiful color and also enhances taste.

When you are done,  put grated cheese or sesame seed/cumin seed/pumpkin seed on top – whichever you like. Grease or line the baking sheet with paper, then bake the sticks for about 10-15 minutes.

The last time I made this I went to one of my best friends’  babyshower. Since then little Ben (Bence) was born and is out to watch what’s going on in the world. Next time he’s gonna be our sous-chef…

What is your rapid recipe?

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