March Madness á la Pastry Apprentice

Textbooks for school

Hi there,

I know, I know. It’s been quite a while since I last wrote a word. I could say it was the creative block but it actually wasn’t. I had a lot of things on my hands and mind…I had post ideas almost every other night but I just didn’t want to publish sketch-looking items…now I’m back! And in order to keep up the regularity I think somethimes you’ll just have to put up with my fast drafted versions of posts…cause if not, then I get soooo behind that a week wouldn’t be enough to tell you about everything.

School started!!! And it is great! I didn’t think I would enjoy it this much.It’s every third or second Saturday.  After three one-day sessions I can say that it is good. We got loads of notes and textbooks and I think I have met all the teachers who are going to train us throughout the year and I am quite satisfied. They are experts in their area and act cool.

Not to mention how small the world is: Miss Pastry Chef was actually the classmate of my longtime dance teacher – how funny! She is going to teach the theory of baking and give us hands-on training in the “labkitchen”.

Textbooks for school

We have Prof Chem who will guide us through the mysteries of  food science and is COOL. I would have never thought that I would have vivid flashbacks of my high school organic chemistry notes. I know it’s quite nerdy but I enjoyed going over the molecule structure of enzymes, hormones and vitamins and I find it fascinating how this is all related to the food we take in.

Then we have Miss Econ. She is a cute lady one year away from retiring and you could tell she enjoys teaching us the practical knowledge for business and the simple calculations. In elementary school I did win a regional maths competition but that was pretty much the highest I got in my maths career. My self-confidence was majorly destroyed at the (n+1)th attempt of calculus and statistics exam. Now this little revising won’t hurt!

Then we have Miss English. She speaks really nice British English however as we have some non-English speaking students the foreign language module turned out to be a fairly odd experience. Some of us spent time in native English environment  which makes it a bit boring to learn terms of ‘knives’ and ‘spoons’ and ‘mix’ and ‘stir’ in class. From those who speak other foreign languages proficiently it is very unfair to expect that they would talk about recipes in English even if English is pretty much a must everywhere today. To be fair everybody is doing their best but it is still odd…and I think I’ll skip the next English class.

Big news! I started my pastry chef apprenticeship at a local confectinery and I am loving every minute of it. During my week off  I spent three days in a cute family-run business with some Jewish pastry traditions. Two months ago I went in the shop, shyly asked if I could come and learn there and to my greatest surprise they said yes. I bought a basic set of white pastry chef outfit – I look very trendy in it. I got the medical papers and I was ready to Rock&Roll. I had to get up at the crack of dawn every day but it was all worth it.

There are three confectioners in the shop. Master Chef Sr. is the boss. He has a huge moustache (just like my dad’s) and is a hunter by the way so for breakfast he brings deer salami which – however sorry I feel for the deer – tastes delicious. Then there is Chef Jr. who is the younger son of the boss and is originally a cook but decided that the family business is more important so he joined the crew. And we have the Co-Chef who has been an employee in the same confectionary for about 20 years and is a great guy. They are all super patient and very welcoming. I thought I would be mopping and doing dishes the first couple fo days but instead I already took part in several steps of cakemaking and started practicing decorating as well. I feel like back in kindergarden! I knead, stir, mix and decorate all day and it doesn’t matter that I have chocolate head over heels.

There, you met some of my new friends…and I haven’t even talked about my fellow students whom I am also just getting to know and who are also pretty interesting people. With that I am closing for today, because I still have some bread rising in the kitchen and tomorrow is a BIG DAY! It is my first day at my new workplace so I am very excited! Wish me luck!

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