Saturday morning fever

Market goodies

You wake up, open your eyes, stretch and see the sun shining right through the window. You know it’s gonna be a good day. You look at the clock and it’s not even 8 am. You lie in bed, snooze a little but in a couple of minutes you get up, wash your face, look out the window and smile because you have the whole weekend ahead of you.

I love Saturday mornings like this one.

You put your clothes on, nothing fancy, just comfy jeans and a shirt. You get your coat, your favorite red polka dot shopping bag and step out. You stop by your grandparents’ place to ask if they need anything, and then make your way to the farmers’ market.

The market is a magical place on Saturday mornings. The air is filled with the smell of fresh bread, fresh fruit and vegetables and that special market smell. Ladies walk around with their baskets on their arms, grandkids help their grandma do their shopping who in return lets the kid hand the money to the vendor. Elderly couples hold hands while waiting in the line and young couples kiss goodbye before splitting up the shopping list and run their errands.

People don’t rush at the farmers’ market. They look at the veggies, ask questions and chat with each other. Even small talk with the vendor feels nice when they weigh the carrots you picked out and then wish you a nice day. The butcher excitedly tells you that it is the 50th birthday of his father-in-law and you can’t resist wishing happy birthday to them as if they were old friends of yours. You see old ladies selling potatoes with their granddaughters or asking the little school boy with their mom if he already goes to school. You stand in line at the milkman and decide to buy extra cheese and butter just because it looks so good. You greet your favorite farmer couple, who by the way gives you the best blueberry and rhubarb in the summer, on your way out.  You stumble upon a little woman who sells you her beautiful flowers and you can’t leave without buying a pot of daffodil and a pot of hyacinth.

You know it’s almost spring, you immerse yourself in a dreamy sensation and on the way home you wonder what tasty dishes you’re going to make on the weekend….

Life’s good.

Market goodies

2 Responses to “Saturday morning fever”
  1. charlibarley says:

    Your Saturday morning sounds dreamy! I’ve had a chilled one, reading my book while sat in bed with the sun steaming in at the window – yes Sun in Wales! Madness! Now I’m settling downstairs to make these bad boys:

    Enjoy your weekend! xxxx

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