Going Nuts About Nutella Brownies

Magic Nutella brownies

When I first spent a year in the States I was advised to try everything new since I never knew what I could do later on or never again. This was the case with food as well. I tried chocolate chip cookies, apple pies with vanilla ice cream and brownies as well of course…then I kept trying them all year around. Needless to say I gained about 20-25 pounds in a year gathering the sweet memories all along.

This was ten years ago. I am back home, back in shape and back to my kitchen. However, I kept the recipe I got from my hostmom to make brownies that ever since is the biggest hit I can take to dinner parties.

This is how it looks (with my own handwriting)

Recipe from Kristy

Thanks Kristy!

But I always make double! Since I found a handful of hazelnuts at home and got inspired by Jennifer of The Onyx Plate when she was posting about World Nutella Day I decided to twist my recipe a bit.

Nutella-Hazelnut BrowniesNutella Brownies Ingredients

2 sticks (~250 grams) of margarine (softened)

12 tablespoons of cocoa (don’t bother with exact measures…pour the cocoa in!)

2 cups (~500 ml) sugar – yeah,this ain’t gonna be a diet treat

4 eggs

1 cup (~250 ml) flour

pinch of salt

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

handful of chopped and toasted hazelnut

Nutella to taste – My taste told me to swirl a LOT in my batch

1. What you have to do is chop the hazelnuts and toast them in a frying pan.

2. Mix the margarine and the cocoa first.(watch out for the cocoa dust!)

3. Then add the sugar, vanilla extract, salt and eggs in it. Mix.

Mixing Brownies

4. Add the flour. Mix.

5. Pour the beautifully flowing chocolate batter  into either a greased and flour dusted pan or use baking paper (that’s what I do).

6. Put lumps of Nutella on the batch and then (this is the FUN part!) get a knife and draw little swirls in the batch to mix in the Nutella. Use as much Nutella  as you like. I personnally swirled and swirled and swirled…

Nutella brownies pahese

7. Spray the batch with hazelnut, then bake at 350 F (~175°C) for 20-25  minutes.

The yummy smell of chocolate and Nutella will fill the air before it’s ready. Serve it hot with vanilla ice cream…or warm…My family and colleagues went nuts about it telling me very kind things which made me wonder if I could use brownies as my own personalized magic wand…Magic Nutella brownies

3 Responses to “Going Nuts About Nutella Brownies”
  1. Your pictures are beautiful!! The mixer picture looks like there is a heart in the batter…. 🙂

  2. Patti Clark says:

    Yummy! Glad you have sweet memories of Georgia! I am so enjoying your blog!

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